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Welcome to Guru Service Group Langley- Plumbers

Guru Service Group has been serving Langley, BC for more than 25 years, delivering high quality customer service in plumbing, heating and cooling. Our specialties include both residential and commercial services and our services cover all aspects of plumbing and furnace repair, heating and cooling systems that you may need.

Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services are the core of our business in both commercial plumbing and plumbing for residential buildings. We provide accurate assessments and diagnoses of all plumbing related problems and will always make our recommendations based on what will last. Our products are all top of the line, but we’re more than happy to work with clients to meet their budgets or provide financing options to help lower the burden of a last-minute home or office repair.

We offer same day inspections for plumbing emergencies and our mission is to get things right the first time around, saving our customers additional frustrations and hassle that can come with incorrect assessments or faulty repairs.

Our services include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services
  • Drain Clogs (power snake, hydro jetting and video camera)
  • Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Plumbing Plans
  • Storm Drain Cleaning
  • Replacement and Repair of Backflow Preventers
  • Backflow Tests
  • Backflow Removals
  • Annual certification

We offer residential and commercial plumbing services for homes and apartment buildings, as well as offices, commercial and industrial buildings. No project is too large or too small and all our assessments come free of charge. Our plumbing contractors are each fully licensed and highly trained to give you the best service possible.

Heating Services

While we got our start in hot water tanks and water heater repairs when our company first started, Guru Service Group has evolved to offer a wide range of AC heating & cooling services. We work hard to remain up to date on the best practices in the industry and remain on top of new product releases and consumer reviews.

From hot water tanks to AC heating & cooling   services, our technicians are all experts in the field. We’ll give you the best recommendations for your needs, all based on finding the best solutions possible. Our heating solutions cover repairs, replacements or installations across:

With each heating contractor having years of training and extensive hands-on experience, our team can diagnose heating related issues correctly and come up with the best solutions that meet each customer’s budget and needs. We will make recommendations regarding replacements, but only when our contractors firmly believe that the up-front costs will outweigh the short-term benefits of a quick repair.

Our financing options are also available for customers who aren’t prepared for a sudden heating emergency and we offer free home or office assessments to help you diagnose the problem and come up with the best solutions.

We offer same-day inspections within Langley, B.C. and surrounding areas.

Cooling Services

When it gets hot, a faulty Air Conditioner can be uncomfortable at home and sometimes disastrous in a commercial setting. Our cooling services include AC maintenance, installation and repair, with same day assessments—and same day installations or repairs—whenever possible.

We’re familiar with all of the major brands and their benefits and drawbacks, so if you’re looking to upgrade your current system or install one in your home, our cooling specialists will be able to give you the best recommendations on the current market.

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Our Services



Our service offerings span from apartments to residential homes, small offices and larger commercial buildings. If you find yourself in need of plumbing contractors, call us today for a free assessment!



Rather than troubleshoot on your own and taking risks with your property and safety of others, give us a call and we’ll set up a free inspection and consultation to diagnose the problem the first time around. Our heating experts are committed to delivering high quality work with minimal hassle, in residential and commercial buildings throughout Langley and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a heat pump repair or a new installation, give us a call today!



Whether you’re looking for a repair or new product installation, our cooling experts will always give you a full assessment to look at how you can extend the long-term lifespan of your cooling products through routine annual maintenance as well, offering up recommendations for upkeep on your current model to keep you cool year-round. Call us today for a free inspection and we’ll guarantee an honest breakdown regarding repairs, service and installation.

If you have any questions please contact us today and we
will be happy to answer all of your queries.

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For last minute repairs or costly replacements, we offer our customers fair financing options to assist with plumbing, heating or cooling costs. Many customers also may not know that brands also offer up incentives and rebates on new products, which may help to alleviate some of the financial stress of home maintenance. Our technicians are all up to date on current incentives and rebates and necessary qualifications. These incentives factor into our recommendations from the start and we’ll always give you a breakdown of the warranty options on the products being considered.


Our Products

We guarantee that our recommendations will only include the most reliable products on the current market, so that any replacements or installations of plumbing, heating and cooling systems will continue to perform well for you, year after year.


Same Day Repairs or Installations

A plumbing, heating or cooling issue can derail your home or business faster than you think. We offer same day inspections, and whenever possible, same day solutions to get your home and business back on track. For larger projects, installations or repairs, we strive to give honest timelines for when work will be completed and will always get our customers’ approval whenever a complication arises that will need to be addressed before any additional work is done.


Our Technicians

Our plumbers, heating contractors and cooling experts are all the best in the business, having trained for years so that they know the ins and outs of all residential and commercial systems. Each of our technicians is committed to the highest quality service and accurate first-time assessments.


Schedule an Annual Service Check

At Guru Service Group, we firmly believe that being proactive is the best course of action when it comes to residential and commercial maintenance, especially in the case of plumbing, heating and cooling services. To that end, we offer up an annual home or office service checks for our customers, which takes away the stress of remembering to call and schedule one at the same time every year. Our service check looks for areas where maintenance is needed, or service repairs are recommended, to ensure that you’re home or business is at less risk for an unexpected product or system failure.


We’ll add you to our annual service check schedule and contact you prior to the service check to set a time for the appointment, review your system and will only make recommendations for maintenance and repair when we see something that may become a problem within the next 12 months. We’ll also give you our best estimate for when repairs or maintenance should be made to avoid a home or office disaster, allowing you to budget for the necessary work without breaking the bank.

Call us or book an apointment today for a free inspection or to be added to our annual service check calendar.