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Drain Cleaning Services

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Drain Cleaning Service

Clear drains are essential for plumbing to function properly in our homes. Yet, drains are often taken for granted and overlooked – until it’s already too late.

Don’t wait for clogged drains to cause a major problem in your plumbing system that’s expensive to repair. Schedule regular drain maintenance and inspections to identity problem areas before a damaging backup occurs.

Contact Guru Service Group to schedule a free consultation. One of our licensed plumbing technicians will help you plan for regular drain maintenance or schedule urgent drain cleaning services.

Which drains need cleaning?

You have two types of drains that service your home or business: sewer drains and storm drains.

Sewer drains are all the drains inside your home that carry waste water from the premises to the local sewer system, including toilet and sink drains. Storm drains are located outside on your property, carrying away rain water. Both types of drains can become clogged and must be cleaned regularly.

What drain cleaning services do we provide?

If you have any type of draining problem, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re the drain cleaning experts in Langley, BC!

Here are the most common drain cleaning services we provide:

Drain cleaning with a power snake

Guru’s plumbing experts use the best quality drain cleaning equipment, including heavy duty rigid power snakes. These snakes allow us to unclog blocked drains that are more than 75 feet away. There’s nothing too big for the drain cleaning snake to fight, from tree roots to miscellaneous debris. We’re prepared to clear the most difficult and stubborn clogs that harm your plumbing.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is a common approach to clean drains that tend to become clogged and require regular maintenance, including outside and restaurant drains. Using our special hydro jetting machines, which can put more than 4000 psi of water pressure through a drain line, our experienced technicians easily clear the most stubborn drains, leaving them next to new. Hydro jetting is essential maintenance for your outside drains, preventing them from backing up and causing major property damage that requires costly repairs.

Video Camera Drain Inspection

Video camera drain inspection is the key to finding the cause(s) of draining problems. With our superior video camera drain inspection, we can see as deep as 200 feet into a drain, giving us a clear look at the cause of your draining problem. Once we diagnose the issue with the camera inspection, we use state of the art equipment to clear the problem.

Of course, you can’t predict or prevent every drain clog. But when Guru’s professional plumbing team performs regular maintenance to inspect and clean your drains, we can help you prevent a major draining problem and avoid expensive emergency repairs.

If you have a drain that clogs repeatedly, or if it’s a clog that just won’t clear, or maybe you’ve dropped something into the drain, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer the best drain cleaning service in Langley, BC, solving your draining problems today and helping you avoid much bigger issues in the future.

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